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  • Phil Chavez (Thursday, April 05 18 12:57 pm EDT)

    Please Pray...I'm 46 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 23 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name

  • Alfred Brown (Tuesday, March 06 18 02:12 pm EST)

    Please pray for Eric. Please pray for his conversion to faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the salvation of his soul.
    Pray for God's grace and mercy to heal his soul!!

  • Esther Martinez (Tuesday, August 11 15 02:31 pm EDT)

    Prayers for my health and to be set free from years of bondage, depression, anxiety, and hurts. Protection for my children and family

  • Alexa (Thursday, July 17 14 02:11 am EDT)

    Really enjoyed this blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

  • Shlely (Monday, May 05 14 06:55 pm EDT)

    For Mary Ann to be healed of any cancer cell in her body. She is given strength,energy,peace,comfort,restful sleep,protection over immune system & eyes. Also, her blood count will be in the
    normal range! In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you & God bless you! Really appreciate the prayers!

  • janie torrez (Tuesday, March 04 14 11:03 pm EST)

    Asking for prayers for my sister Delia Tenorio, she had a stroke on Feb. 4, 14. She is still in the hospital in Lubbock,tx., she is not able to speak or walk, her right side is all paralized she
    really needs every prayer for the healing of her body & mind. Thank you all & May God Bless you....

  • Rosemary (Wednesday, December 11 13 01:40 pm EST)

    For Spiritual Healing...

  • Denise (Thursday, October 31 13 04:08 pm EDT)

    Please keep my Dad in prayer. He's 82 yrs., has prostate cancer and I've been told gangrene. He's on meds. Keep him in your prayers. Thank you Beloveds

  • cynthia flores (Tuesday, August 06 13 09:19 pm EDT)

    Im asking for a prayer for my husband michael tagle dr's confirms he is in stage 4 of cancer in the liver i believe in god our father

  • cynthia flores (Tuesday, August 06 13 09:13 pm EDT)

    Need a prayer for my husband michael tagle dr. Confirms he has cancer in the liver

  • Phil Chavez (Thursday, August 01 13 04:17 am EDT)

    Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least
    18 years,I'm 41 years old now.... Thank You for Your Prayers

  • Sarah (Tuesday, July 30 13 03:43 pm EDT)

    To Whom it May Concern:

    If it’s alright, I would like to ask for prayer. My husband and I are fostering a beautiful baby girl who we hope and pray God, in His mercy may allow us to raise as our daughter. We love her so
    much!!! We also know about the situation she came from, and in interest for her best well being, want her safe from situations which could hurt her.

    Lately, the devil has been putting thoughts into my head which I know don't come from God because of 2 Timothy 1:7 and Jeremiah 29:11, but the bad feelings on my heart, and terrible thoughts in fear
    and worry for her future only persist.

    Recently, there’s been a new petition for custody of this child. An acquaintance of the family has warned us that this may be a bad environment for the baby, and may even place her in danger. This
    has further deepened my concerns and anxiety for her well being.

    Today, to any who are willing, I have a big favor to ask. Please pray for the baby. Please ask God to bless her future. My husband and I will be meeting with the baby’s family to discuss her long
    term future. It is my hope that in selfless concern for what best serves her, that they ask us to adopt her. Please ask God to make sure whether we get to keep her or not, that she will always be
    loved, that she will always be taken care of, and that she will be kept safe; that HER best interest will be placed as first priority, before the selfish opinions and desires of others. Please ask
    God to bless her with a future of promise with hope for reaching any hopes and dreams she may dare to have.

    Thank you, so much for your help to pray for this situation.

  • Jerome Pierce (Monday, July 15 13 12:15 pm EDT)


    To my Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

    Please pray that my family will get a miracle financial blessing as soon as possible we need a Blessing from GOD very badly Linda my wife & me don't have enough money to pay our bills monthly .
    Thanks Brother Jerome Pierce

  • Aimee (Sunday, July 14 13 09:53 pm EDT)

    My aunt, Donna, was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in December, after undergoing surgery and chemo/radiation, we thought she was in remission. She found out yesterday that she now has stage IV
    metastatic cancer that has spread to her lungs. Please pray for her healing and peace as well as wisdom for the doctors as they prepare her treatment plan. Thank you so much!!

  • Charles (Sunday, July 14 13 12:08 am EDT)

    Please pray for me. My name is Charles, I am 36 years old and I am from Montreal, Canada. I have been getting a multitude of health problems such as inflammations in my intestines & in my eyes. I
    have also started getting allergic reactions to certain foods, but I am unsure of which foods yet.
    Please pray for my overall healing so I can be healthy again. I am in desperate need of healing because my medications for the inflammations have lots of side effects.
    I thank you very kindly. May God Bless you all!

  • RaDonna (Sunday, June 23 13 01:05 pm EDT)

    Pray God gives my book, Bible Word Search and Scriptures on Faith, Hope and Fear- favor and that I will know how to let people know about it. Here is the link in case you would like to see it.

  • RaDonna (Sunday, June 23 13 01:02 pm EDT)

    I am in desperate need of an income. I wrote a book. Bible Word Search, with Comforting photo’s and Scriptures on Faith, hope and fear. I figured if I wrote one it should count directing people
    toward Christ. My husband is not in good shape and he is the worst critic. But he wanted to proof read my book so I let him. I received so many responses from him saying this was a good book and that
    it actually helped him. If you would read it I think you would agree. Please give it a try. I don’t know how to market it. I’m not sure what to do now with it, because people don’t even know it
    exist. My prayer is that God will bless this book, that he would give it favor-causing people to be drawn to it. I've been praying for God to lead me into writing a book that would help people.. My
    phone and internet will be turned off tomorrow, so I wont be able to check my email or receive calls after tomorrow. But please check it out.
    Here is the link.

  • John Montijo (Wednesday, June 19 13 01:11 am EDT)

    Military Member! Im in the United States Military. I recently applied for a job at a military ran youth camp that helps troubled teens. The job is in its final stage of selection! Pray that I get
    notified that the job is mine in the name of Jesus! My heart is in helping our youth and the job would be a wonderful blessing to my wife and 3 year old son. Pray that the job is mine in Jesus name!

  • John Montijo (Friday, June 14 13 12:10 am EDT)

    Military Member! The military job I recently applied for is in its final selection stage! Pray that I am picked for the job! Its an awesome opprotunity to help youth at a military ran teen Charter
    School. Pray that the Lord's favor is on my application and that the job is mine in the name of Jesus! My heart is in helping our youth and the job would be a wonderful blessing to my wife and 3 year
    old son. Pray that the job is mine in Jesus name!

  • margie (Monday, April 22 13 02:25 pm EDT)

    my son needs prayer he is a senior in college and is autistic. He is having difficulty in his two classes. He has to have a final grade of a C in both these classes to graduate. Sometimes he just
    doesn't understand things, He is very smart. Pray God gives him the wisdom to make the grades he needs to make on all his school work from now until the school ends this year. Thank you for praying

  • Joel A. (Tuesday, April 16 13 06:25 pm EDT)

    Please pray for the management and decision makers of US Auto Parts Network Philippines - please touch their hearts and implant in their hearts the strong conviction that it is fruitless to appeal my
    labor case against them to the supreme court, that they will no longer appeal the case to the supreme court, and instead they will obediently abide by the ruling and decision of the Court of Appeals
    and completely settle their obligations with me instead. These I lift up in Jesus mighty name Amen. - Joel A.

  • Edward Martinez Jr (Monday, February 11 13 12:24 am EST)

    Hi bro I ask for pray so that I can find a job that GOD has for me. I want to do what GOD want me to do. I am a bass player and love playing for GOD. I want to have His wisdom.The bible says that
    where 2 or more pray it will come true. But if we all pray every person that stand in His word they will e bless. Thank You

  • Daniel Cahill (Wednesday, January 16 13 08:00 pm EST)

    Hi my brothers and sisters asking special prayer for GODS strength and provision homeless in NYC at 66 for the last 4 years and feeling so very alone and tired.GOD richly bless you brother Danny

  • Delfina Castro (Friday, January 11 13 08:13 pm EST)

    Need prayer for finances. Lost my job and am really struggeling with finances. Have an appeal pending with unemployement and am asking for God's favor with the ultimate decision.

  • Joel (Friday, January 04 13 11:18 am EST)

    Please pray for me that I will immediately start in the job I just got interviewed awhile back because bills are piling and things are looking tense and desperate. Thank you Lord Jesus for answering
    my prayer.

  • Sylvia Ruelas (Thursday, December 27 12 07:54 pm EST)

    Please pray for my son who suffers from a mental illness and does believe he needs help. I am at a loss.

  • Jose Becerra (Tuesday, December 04 12 06:35 pm EST)

    These couple of days I be thinking alot of my past the life I lived with my homeboys I'm 38 years old married with 2 beautiful kids but my mind is not here its replaying what I once loved to do the
    life I lived as a sinner. I don't understand what's happening to me so I was wondering if u can pray for me and my family.that I could find my purpose in life. God bless and thank u so much!

  • Jose Becerra (Tuesday, December 04 12 06:34 pm EST)

    These couple of days I be thinking alot of my past the life I lived with my homeboys I'm 38 years old married with 2 beautiful kids but my mind is not here its replaying what I once loved to do the
    life I lived as a sinner. I don't understand what's happening to me so I was wondering if u can pray for me and my family.that I could find my purpose in life. God bless and thank u so much!

  • Suzanne (Saturday, December 01 12 01:21 am EST)

    Dear brother Leo , my husband has been cheating on me for as long as I can remember . I found out after we married n he's never said sorry for any of them he acts like he's never done anything . I
    love him I'm trying to hang on but now he's treats me bad in front of people too. I have no family and no where to go what do I do please pray for me for god to give me direction. I'm do confused is
    this the end ?

  • Sandra Ayala (Tuesday, October 09 12 03:17 pm EDT)

    Dear Bro Leo, I need your prayers. My depression has gotten a hold of me, I fight it everyday with meds, daily work and with the word of God but there are times I can't escape it (diagnosed w/major
    depression). I pray for many people including you & your ministry and I fell like its my turn someone pray for me. I believe prayers get answerd when someone else prays for you. Oh, pray for Leo
    my son; parole visited Leo this month and we are hoping for a positive respond. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

  • Alice Martinez (Monday, October 08 12 07:23 pm EDT)

    Hi my name is Alice Martinez and i am asking for prayer for my daughters. I ask that we all come together in prayer because the bible says that there is power in prayer. I pray that as my daughters
    grow, they be blessed with wisdom to make the right choices in theie lives.They are 17 and 20 years old and have a mind of their own. They are saved but also live in this world of evil and
    temptation. I pray that their walk with God always be their first priority and that they continue to serve the Lord every day of their lives. I also ask for prayer for ME! I am having a hard time
    with letting go. As a parent to small children we have somewhat of control over what they do and do not do. When they grow up, they become independent and do not always make the right choices.I ask
    that God give me the strength that i need to overcome.God bless you all and may God's hand and favor be upon all of you!

  • Lupe Jimenez (Thursday, September 06 12 11:43 am EDT)

    Good Morning Im asking for prayer for Roy Lugo and Michelle Rodriguez.My ex-brother in law and my cuzn. There both on meth its getting worse...Im praying for there salvation.I dont want them to die
    in there sin. Prayer also for my sisters and brothers both of blood and of Christ...To strengthen there walk. To bless them with mercy to walk through those difficult trials .And the grace to know
    that God always provides a way out..Thank you In Jesus name

  • Sulema Zepeda (Wednesday, September 05 12 07:28 pm EDT)

    This evening I'm asking for prayer for our s sons...they were laid off for the month of August and I just ask that the Lord will open those doors of opportunity for them and they get called back to
    their jobs. Lord, it's hard for us all but we wait on you Lord and your is the glory and mercy.
    Our 3rd son Lord needs you he was headed to college and just became stubborn not to go Lord, I ask that you speak to him and convince him that its for his own good. Father, in your heavenly name I
    pray and ask for your help.
    In Jesus name AMEN!

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